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Greg W. McGinness

I am committed to excellence and have been successfully representing my clients since 2010. Whatever your legal needs or questions might be, come to me for comprehensive advice and effective representation.  Unlike other lawyers, I try many cases and look forward to being in front of a jury.  I use that trial experience to secure not guilty verdicts or leverage negotiations in your favor.  Protecting your rights is what Law Office of Greg W. McGinness does best.

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Criminal Defense

Accused of a crime? I am ready to help. The Law Office Of Greg W. McGinness has the legal knowledge, skills, and experience to advise clients on all criminal matters in Massachusetts. Because of my previous experience in a prosecutor's office, I understand how a case is built against you, and can better craft a defense strategy.

I have extensive trial experience and have secured Not Guilty verdicts at trial on drunk driving (OUI), felony assault and battery, domestic violence, negligent or reckless operation, and criminal threat charges. I have employed expert witnesses and have successfully used self defense claims to obtain not guilty verdicts in felony assault and battery cases. 

I also have knowledge and training on collateral consequences of criminal charges including immigration, effects on your drivers license, and effects on your employment or CORI record.  I can provide you with a free comprehensive evaluation of your case and how it impacts all aspects of your life, so you can make the most informed decisions about what you wish to accomplish.

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Estate Planning

Let Law Office Of Greg W. McGinness be the solution for your Estate Planning needs. I can help you structure your estate to provide peace of mind and to ensure that those who are close to you will be taken care of. I have handled estates ranging from simple wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare proxies, to complex trust issues.

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Civil Defense

The Law Office of Greg W. McGinness represents several large businesses in Massachusetts with their civil defense needs.  I am effective in analyzing and defending 93A consumer protection claims and have considerable experience in mediating and trying these issues. When I am involved in a case, I help my client successfully resolve it in the most financially efficient way possible, by either taking cases to trial and negotiating favorable and cost-effective settlements.

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